Solid-State Physics

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Research at the German Aerospace Center´s Institute of Materials Physics in Space explores fundamental mechanisms underlying liquid properties and solidification processes. In the absence of gravitati...
Related Topics: Solid-State Physics Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

6th project meeting for ISS MSL-EML at DLR Cologne

On 28/02/2014 an Ariane-rocket with ATV-5 will carry the materials science laboratory electromagnectic levitation unit (MSL-EML) to the International Space Station (ISS).
Related Topics: Solid-State Physics

Automated Hall facility - Determination of electric transport properties

Semiconductor properties such as concentration and mobility of the charge carriers provide important information for application-oriented improvement of thermoelectric materials. DLR´s Hall facility i...
Related Topics: Solid-State Physics

Seebeck micro-thermoprobe

Analysis of the functional homogeneity of electrically conducting materials Scanning of the Seebeck coefficient over surface areas of a sample material provides a unique tool for characterisation of...
Related Topics: Solid-State Physics
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