Solid-State Physics

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6th project meeting for ISS MSL-EML at DLR Cologne

On 28/02/2014 an Ariane-rocket with ATV-5 will carry the materials science laboratory electromagnectic levitation unit (MSL-EML) to the International Space Station (ISS).
Related Topics: Solid-State Physics

Microwave processing

Thermal conductivity of the material is most important for the manufacturing of composites being cured or consolidated through temperature.
Related Topics: Solid-State Physics

Dosimetry in the space

In order to measure single components of the cosmic radiation field during single missions, different types of dosimeters have been developed and used. There two basic groups of dosimeters : active an...
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Parts Qualification Projects

QP-NB commissioned a PPH15-process evaluation from UMS (United Monolithic Semiconductor). In the course of this task, the PPH-15 process attained qualification level according to the ESCC-evaluation-d...
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