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Since 2005 DLR develops the Common Parametric Aircraft Configuration Schema, short CPACS. It contains a parametric description of aircraft configurations as well as the complete transport system, e.g....
Related Topics: Aircraft Design, Testing and Performance Documentation and Information Science

PROVENANCE - Enabling and supporting provenance in Grids for complex problems

"The overarching aim is to conceive, design and implement an industrial strength open provenance architecture for grid systems, and to deploy and evaluate it in complex grid applications, namely aero...
Related Topics: Documentation and Information Science


FSLP stands for "First Spacelab Payload". It was the first international flight of the Spacelab performed in 1983. FSLP was a multi-disciplinary mission covering the fields of materials and life scien...
Related Topics: Geophysics Documentation and Information Science

Maritime traffic engineering

The maritime traffic system is an essential basis for the economic development, competitiveness, and prosperity for Germany as well as Europe. The world seaborne trade continued to grow in 2011 with 4...
Related Topics: Documentation and Information Science
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