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FSLP stands for "First Spacelab Payload". It was the first international flight of the Spacelab performed in 1983. FSLP was a multi-disciplinary mission covering the fields of materials and life scien...
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Maritime traffic engineering

The maritime traffic system is an essential basis for the economic development, competitiveness, and prosperity for Germany as well as Europe. The world seaborne trade continued to grow in 2011 with 4...
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DLR Management System Policy and Principles

The quality of DLR’s research results, products, and services is essential for our efficiency and competitiveness. DLR meets the highest expectations with regard to research, management, and infrastru...
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Towards a Generic Radiative Transfer Model for the Earth's Surface Atmosphere System

The ESA-Project ESASLight has been completed on 17 March 2010 after a duration of exactly two years. The aim of the project was to develop a user friendly toolbox for the simulation of current and fut...
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Team: Operations Engineering and Production

The Operations Engineering and Production team is mainly concerned with the following:Production management for the TerraSAR and TanDEM missions, Execution of all DFD media-delivery activities, System...
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EnMAP – Ein Deutscher Hyperspektral Satellit

EnMAP (Environmental Mapping and Analysis Program) ist ein Deutscher Satellit zur simultanen Erfassung hochauflösender, hyperspektraler Bilder im sichtbaren und nahen Infrarotbereich (420 nm – 1000 nm...
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The Metallography Lab

The materialographic sections for various investigations are produced in the metallography lab. For investigations, it is equipped with several metallographic microscopes enabling bright- and dark fie...
Related Topics: Documentation and Information Science
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