Avionics and Aircraft Instrumentation

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Meteo Sensors and Data Acquisition

The DO228-212 will be equipped with a sensor package for meteorological measurements. The sensors will measure the basic units like temperature, pressure and humidity as well as wind speed and directi...
Related Topics: Avionics and Aircraft Instrumentation


In the research project HETEREX, the Institute for Communication and Navigation is involved in work package 2 "Communcation, Navigation and Surveillance". HETEREX is funded by the Federal Ministry of ...
Related Topics: Avionics and Aircraft Instrumentation Aircraft Communications and Navigation


OPTIMAL is an air-ground co-operative project which is aiming to define and validate innovative procedures for the approach and landing phases of aircraft and rotorcraft in a pre-operational environme...
Related Topics: Avionics and Aircraft Instrumentation


The NetworkCentric core avionics machine consists of several harmonised components which work together to implement dependable computing in a simple way.
Related Topics: Avionics and Aircraft Instrumentation


Total Performance System for GBAS based Automatic Landings. TOPGAL is an internal DLR project which investigates GBAS based navigation in conjunction with flight management and autopilot systems. A so...
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Data Acquisition and Processing

The data acquisition system developed at DLR is optimized to work reliable even under extreme environmental and ‘noisy’ conditions. A universal software RAMSES was developed for prozessing and visuali...
Related Topics: Avionics and Aircraft Instrumentation Meteorology and Climatology


The flight test bed VFW614/ATTAS is based on the two engine, short haul, 44-seats passenger jet VFW614, which was developed and built in the seventies in Bremen/Germany by the VFW-Fokker company (toda...
Related Topics: Aircraft Stability and Control Aircraft Design, Testing and Performance Avionics and Aircraft Instrumentation

SANDRA - Seamless Aeronautical Networking through integration of Data links Radios and Antennas

The overall air transportation sector is currently under significant stress. With the demand in aircraft operations expected at least to double by the 2025 timeframe, there are well-founded concerns t...
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