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15 Years of Research on Germany’s Highest Peak

On 6 November 2014 Bavaria’s minister of the environment, Ulrike Scharf, extended her congratulations in person on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Schneefernerhaus Environmental Research S...
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EOC Symposium 2011 – A Forum for Remote Sensing in Germany

Building on the well-known tradition of DFD User Seminars, an EOC Symposium was held for the first time from October 11 to12, 2011 in Oberpfaffenhofen. Designed to take place every two years, this pub...
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Global Urban Footprint

Currently, more than half of the world’s population are urban dwellers and this number is still increasing rapidly. Global mapping and monitoring of urban areas is very important to support the develo...
Related Topics: Astronomy Meteorology and Climatology

Gateway to the Antarctic - Science symposium in Punta Arenas commemorates the 20th anniversary of GARS O’Higgins

Punta Arenas, Chile. Some 80 scientists from nine countries met November 13-15 in Punta Arenas in Chile for a symposium commemorating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of DLR’s German Antarcti...
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The second generation of EUTELSAT's trans-European network for fixed and mobile communications was served by upto six medium power satellites.
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Software test and software verification

The verification of the software is an important task in every software development. The appropriate fraction of the available resources to be allocated to this task depends on the risk caused by the ...
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World Data Center for Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere

Since 2003 DLR-DFD has hosted and operated the World Data Center for Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere under the non-governmental auspices of the International Council of Science (ICSU). In line with I...
Related Topics: Astronomy
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