Solar Physics

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Radiation in the atmosphere

Solar and thermal radiation is the main driving force of atmospheric circulation and chemistry. In addition, radiation reflected or emitted by the Earth's surface and atmosphere is utilised by remote ...
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Space-borne determination of solar radiation resources

An efficient use of the solar radiation for solar energy applications requires a detailled knowledge of the variations of the radiation supply. Hourly values are necessary to optimize solar energy ins...
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Waiting patiently for Philae

20 March 2015
Perhaps it is still too cold for the Philae lander to wake up on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Maybe its power resources are not yet sufficient to send a signal to the tea...
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AZUR was the first co-operative project between USA and Germany. The scientific objectives of this mission were to study the inner radiation belt, the auroral zones of the Northern Hemisphere, and the...
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