Solar Physics

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AZUR was the first co-operative project between USA and Germany. The scientific objectives of this mission were to study the inner radiation belt, the auroral zones of the Northern Hemisphere, and the...
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Virtual Institute SolarSynGas

Thermochemical Research for CO2-neutral Renewable Fuels
The Virtual Institute SolarSynGas pursues the long-term goal to produce CO2-neutral renewable fuel...
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MERTIS is a combined TIR Spectrometer with an radiometer instrument proposed for the orbiter of Bepi Colombo. From Earth-based telescopic measurements of hermean spectra, which are mostly disk-integra...
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Tri-lateral project (USA, UK and Germany) for studying the solar wind and initiating the first artificial comet. The AMPTE program consisted of three spacecraft.
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Radiation (optional)

Pyranometer Type Eppley (up/down), Pyrgeometer Type Eppley (up/down), Pyrgeometer Type DLR (up/down)
Related Topics: Solar Physics
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