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10.08.2012 - HAMO and LAMO images of Arruntia crater

These Dawn framing camera (FC) images of Vesta show Arruntia crater at both HAMO (high-altitude mapping orbit) and LAMO (low-altitude mapping orbit) resolutions. The left image is the HAMO image and t...
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Nocturnal contact with Philae

15 June 2015
The Philae lander reported back on 14 June 2015. From 23:22 to 23:26 CEST, the lander sent some data packets that are now being evaluated at the German Aerospace Center (Deutsch...
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20.11.2015 - First complete look at Ceres’ poles (PIA20126)

Researchers from NASA's Dawn mission have composed the first comprehensive views of the north (left) and south pole regions (right) of dwarf planet Ceres, using images obtained by the Dawn spacecraft....
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BIRD - Bispectral InfraRed Detection microsatellite mission

Within the Bird project a small satellite was developed, which is equipped with infrared sensor technology to detect high temperature events on earth. DLR Simulation and Software Technology supported ...
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