Aircraft Propulsion and Power

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Test Facilities

Today unique test facilities provide the DLR site Lampoldshausen with a full range of test services and capabilities for different requirements. The reliability of these test facilities will contribut...
Related Topics: Aircraft Propulsion and Power Combustible Propellants and Fuels Dependability Research and Support Facilities (Air)


In the framework of the joint project R&E TURB (Robust and efficient turbines for turbofans, geared turbofans and next generation turboshaft engines) of the Aeronautics Research Program IV the Numeric...
Related Topics: Aircraft Propulsion and Power Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics Aerodynamic

OMAHA: Overall Management Architecture for Health Analysis

The objective of the project is an holistic approach for the condition monitoring of civil aircrafts. The overall architecture comprises the aircraft with all of its subsystems as well as the systems ...
Related Topics: Aircraft Propulsion and Power Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Lufo V EMA - Primary Flight Control Subsystem

In the future, functions of civil aircraft currently realized by hydraulic and pneumatic systems will be provided by electrical systems. This evolution shall increase efficiency as well as maintainabi...
Related Topics: Aircraft Stability and Control Aircraft Design, Testing and Performance Aircraft Propulsion and Power
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