System Analysis

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Dipl. Math. Sabine Wüst was granted WMO-Award

Dipl. Math. Sabine Wüst of DFD was recently granted the "Professor Mariolopoulos Trust Fund Award" of the World Meteorological Organization for her publication on "Non-linear resonant wave-wave intera...
Related Topics: System Analysis

Technology Cost and Assessment Database – TECA-DB

The Technology Cost and Assessment Database (TECA-DB) was developed by the DLR Institute of Vehicle Concepts to provide transparency of information on vehicle technologies and availability to the publ...
Related Topics: Noise and Emissions Measures and Technologies System Analysis


The “Accompanying Research on Technologies, Prospects and Material Intensity for Electromobility”, known by its German name STROMbegleitung, is being carried out as part of the Funding Information for...
Related Topics: Measures and Technologies Energy Production and Conversion System Analysis

Simulation System

The simulation system TRACE consists of the modules PREP, POST and TRACE. PREP is a preprocessor for mapping blade eigenmodes of a FEM calculation on a CFD grid for subsequent simulation of flutter or...
Related Topics: System Analysis
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