System Analysis

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Scientific support for the development of a mobility and fuel strategy of the German government.

What are options to enable future mobility in Germany? In many cases, the problem is to firstly establish a new infrastructure for alternative fuels and propulsion before users are able to adopt them....
Related Topics: System Analysis


As part of the EU Seventh Framework Program, the EnerGEO project was established to devise a strategy for estimating the influence of the exploitation and use of energy resources on the environment an...
Related Topics: System Analysis Environment Pollution Geophysics

Electric Power Systems

The use of electric technologies in aviation is expanding, as is evident from recent designs of transport aircraft. A reason for this is that electric technologies tend to be more power efficient. An ...
Related Topics: Aircraft Propulsion and Power System Analysis Aircraft Stability and Control Aircraft Design, Testing and Performance Energy Production and Conversion

Why thermal power plants need to be more flexible: the background of the project „COOREFLEX-turbo“

The project „COOREFLEX-turbo“ is devoted to the development of appropriate methods to improve the thermal power plants with respect to the afforementioned goals.
Related Topics: System Analysis Structural Mechanics
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