System Analysis

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Why thermal power plants need to be more flexible: the background of the project „COOREFLEX-turbo“

The project „COOREFLEX-turbo“ is devoted to the development of appropriate methods to improve the thermal power plants with respect to the afforementioned goals.
Related Topics: System Analysis Structural Mechanics

26. Juli 2012: Best Paper Award to Researchers from Institute of Solar Research

On the "ASME 6th International Conference on Energy Sustainability" was the conference contribution of Dipl.-Ing. Siw Meiser from the Institute of Solar Research awarded a Best Paper Award. The award ...
Related Topics: System Analysis

Space-borne determination of solar radiation resources

An efficient use of the solar radiation for solar energy applications requires a detailled knowledge of the variations of the radiation supply. Hourly values are necessary to optimize solar energy ins...
Related Topics: Solar Physics System Analysis Meteorology and Climatology
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