System Analysis

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Smart e-User: Optimisation of urban logistics concept for electric vehicles

With a focus on city logistics, Smart e-User integrates electric vehicles into current transport structures of the project’s industry partners in Berlin. These partners represent possible user groups ...
Related Topics: System Analysis Traffic Development

Helmholtz-Allianz ENERGY-TRANS

The energy transition in Germany and other European countries, the accelerated abandonment of nuclear power, the fast expansion of renewables and the ambitious increase in energy efficiency are major ...
Related Topics: System Analysis Traffic Development

26. Juli 2012: Best Paper Award to Researchers from Institute of Solar Research

On the "ASME 6th International Conference on Energy Sustainability" was the conference contribution of Dipl.-Ing. Siw Meiser from the Institute of Solar Research awarded a Best Paper Award. The award ...
Related Topics: System Analysis

Space-borne determination of solar radiation resources

An efficient use of the solar radiation for solar energy applications requires a detailled knowledge of the variations of the radiation supply. Hourly values are necessary to optimize solar energy ins...
Related Topics: Solar Physics System Analysis Meteorology and Climatology
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