System Analysis

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Scientific support for the development of a mobility and fuel strategy of the German government.

What are options to enable future mobility in Germany? In many cases, the problem is to firstly establish a new infrastructure for alternative fuels and propulsion before users are able to adopt them....
Related Topics: System Analysis

Electric Power Systems

The use of electric technologies in aviation is expanding, as is evident from recent designs of transport aircraft. A reason for this is that electric technologies tend to be more power efficient. An ...
Related Topics: Aircraft Propulsion and Power System Analysis Aircraft Stability and Control Aircraft Design, Testing and Performance Energy Production and Conversion

Smart e-User: Optimisation of urban logistics concept for electric vehicles

With a focus on city logistics, Smart e-User integrates electric vehicles into current transport structures of the project’s industry partners in Berlin. These partners represent possible user groups ...
Related Topics: System Analysis Traffic Development

The EPIC EU project: The future of electric propulsion

In space, electric propulsion (EP) thrusters are employed mainly in satellites and the upper stages of launchers. They use electric current to augment fuel efficiency. As the thrust generated by these...
Related Topics: System Analysis


Thermochemical storage based on redox reactions for CSP applications - from the material to the process
The RedoxStorE project brings together the exper...
Related Topics: Solar Physics System Analysis Energy Production and Conversion
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