System Analysis

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NGT - Life Cycle Costing Model

Life cycle costs play a decisive role when new railway vehicles are launched onto the market. Specially developed for railway vehicles, the NGT-LCC (Next Generation Train Life Cycle Costing Model) p...
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Coupled Numeric Structure Analysis

The ideal design of high temperature structures requires a coupling of different numeric analysis tools, such as in the fields of structure (FEM) and flow analysis (CFD) in order to consider the mutua...
Related Topics: System Analysis

GIZ and DLR intensify their cooperation

On 10 and 11 November a two-day workshop took place at EOC. Experts from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and DLR met for the purpose of expanding their cooperation on...
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Since the end of the Cold War there has been a world-wide shift in the overall security situation. The consequences of globalisation, international terrorism, the demand for energy and raw materials, ...
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Welcome to the Institute of Vehicle Concepts

The Institute's fields of endeavour address the development of future technology systems for sustainable, safe, and affordable generations of vehicles on road and rail. The Institute's contributions r...
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