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Press releases 2008
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23/12/2008 DLR scholarship for interdisciplinary research
18/12/2008 DLR: Year in review in images
16/12/2008 Germany and China step up cooperation in space
10/12/2008 Ten million flights in European airspace
09/12/2008 Cars talk to the road: Live demonstration at the DLR test track in Berlin
03/12/2008 Annual General Meeting 2008: DLR presents its research of the past 12 months
28/11/2008 The Euminedes Dorsum mountains on Mars
28/11/2008 Germany and Switzerland affirm their leading role in satellite communications
26/11/2008 ESA's Council of Ministers decides the future of European space exploration - Germany, the leading partner
26/11/2008 DLR enters into partnership with US research institute
25/11/2008 DLR scientists achieve solar hydrogen production in a 100-kilowatt pilot plant
18/11/2008 Ten years in space: The International Space Station
11/11/2008 DLR and Kayser-Threde sign contract for German Earth Observation satellite EnMAP
27/10/2008 Global energy scenario shows that sustainable energy supply can be achieved
23/10/2008 Student experiments on board REXUS 4 successfully launched
22/10/2008 Road test for vehicle-to-vehicle communication
16/10/2008 Mars Express closes in on the origin of Mars' larger moon
13/10/2008 DLR Institute of Space Systems up and running
13/10/2008 DLR's Falcon research aircraft deployed to improve typhoon forecasts
09/10/2008 REXUS and BEXUS: Students fly their own research experiments on stratospheric balloons
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