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Ngorongoro Conservation Area

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Ngorongoro Conservation Area
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A large permanent concentration of wild animals can be found in the huge and perfect Ngorongoro crater of Tanzania. Nearby, the Empakaai crater, filled by a deep lake, and the active volcano of Oldonyo Lenga can be seen. Excavations carried out in nearby Olduvai Gorge resulted in the discovery of one of our more distant ancestors, Homo habilis. Laitoli Site, which also lies within the area, is one of the main localities of early hominid footprints, dating back 3.6 million years. The lower edge of the image is dominated by the Ngorongoro crater, in which is located a nature reserve of the same name. The Landsat satellite’s recording channels were selected to optimise the differentiation of landscape elements: lakes appear dark blue; rocks and open ground are brown. Dry vegetation in the lower-lying savannah is bright blue. The verdant growth in the moist crater is green.

The image was taken in August1995 by the satellite Landsat-7 / ETM+ and has a resolution of 30 metres. It covers an area of 50 by 100 kilometres.

Credit: GAF AG/DLR.
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