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Straight of Gibraltar

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Straight of Gibraltar
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The Strait of Gibraltar, the gateway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, can be seen in the centre of the image. Numerous bright spots represent ships, documenting busy traffic in the Strait. Gibraltar is located in the north, Morocco on the opposite side in the south. Also on the Spanish side a peninsula extends into the Atlantic, a piece of mainland near the city of Tarifa, which represents the southernmost point of mainland Europe.

TerraSAR-X data will be available in the near future for monitoring marine traffic as well as for spotting oil spills in the oceans. TerraSAR-X will also be able to determine the speed of ocean currents, thus assisting oceanographic research.

Credit: DLR; date: July 9, 2007, 06:29 UTC; original resolution: 3 metres (reduced image); mode: StripMap mode; polarisation: HH.
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