Department: National Ground Segment

German Remote Sensing Data Center, Neustrelitz

This department, based in Neustrelitz, handles the reception, processing and interim archiving of payload data for the ERS-2, IRS-1C/D, IRS-P3, Landsat-7, CHAMP, GRACE, BIRD, Envisat and TerraSAR missions. The work is partly carried out as a national undertaking and partly on behalf of ESA, private industry, and in cooperation with international space agencies.

At present there are about 33 employees working in Neustrelitz as part of the National Ground Segment team. Most of them are engaged in research and development. The scope of activities could be continuously expanded over some 40 years of ground station operations, and the spectrum of tasks includes the following major areas:

  • Permanent receiving station for small remote sensing and science satellites
  • Automatic, operational-quality processing and archiving center activities for missions, including NRT (near-real-time) processing and data dissemination
  • Development of hardware components and software tools for receiving, processing and archiving satellite data.

Our mastery of the entire value-adding chain from data acquisition to data processing and distribution means that users can obtain high-quality homogenized data sets which are free of systematic artifacts and of high information content, rapidly and with the help of simple access procedures. At the same time, advising and instructing users play a significant role. The ground segment presently participates in over ten national and international missions, including its function as ESA Earthnet receiving station for European remote sensing missions. In this work it closely cooperates with many science and commercial partners and public authorities.

Satellite data reception systems

  • Satellite data reception of ca. 7000 passes per year
  • Routine operations in a multimission scenario 365 days/year and 24 hours/day
  • Conception and assembly of data reception components and chains
  • Design and implementation of test and simulation systems
  • Development of station software for monitoring and control tasks.


  • Ground Stations
  • Data Management 
  • Real Time Systems
  • Thematic Processor Development and Validation DEMMIN

Holger Maass
German Aerospace Center (DLR)

German Remote Sensing Data Center
, National Ground Segment
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