Team: Ground Stations

The Neustrelitz ground station (ca. 100 km north of Berlin) has been a part of DFD since 1992. Before German unification it was an important receiving station in the Eastern Europe INTERKOSMOS program.

Its activities include the reception of remote sensing data and a variety of science data, full TT&C services in cooperation with the German Space Operation Center GSOC, and the development of ground station components and interface assemblies.

A total of three antenna systems are available for operation in a multimission scenario (technical details are in the table below). One antenna is equipped for S-band transmission, with a second to follow.

The Neustrelitz station is ideally located for achieving maximal coverage of Europe.

Standort Neustrelitz, Deutschland
Latitude: 53° 19' 47" N
Longitude: 13° 04' 12" O
Elevation: 115 m above sea level
Operationel: since Jan. 1992

Station management:

Holger Maass
Operating concept: Operationelles Multimissions-System
Satellites: TerraSAR-X, ERS 2, IRS-P5, IRS-P6, ENVISAT, CHAMP, GRACE,
Terra, Aqua
Reflector diameter: 7.3 m
Reception band: L/S/X-bands
Mounting: El/Az +7° antenna tilt angle
System-noise temperature: 13.5 dB/K (L)
17 dB/K (S)
31.5 dB/K (X)
Tracking: Autotrack und program track
Time reference: GPS, IRIG-A/B
Reporting: DIR1000, direct archive systems from various suppliers
Processing: D-PAF, DFD

Heiko Damerow
German Aerospace Center (DLR)

German Remote Sensing Data Center
, National Ground Segment
Tel: +49 3981 480-209

Fax: +49 3981 480-299

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