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 3D information extraction
zum Bild 3D information extraction
From satellite image to city model
Top: Ikonos satellite image
Center: Derived digital elevation model with image overlay
Bottom: Extracted city model

In 3D information extraction the major task is the generation of digital elevation models (DEM) from optical satellite imagery. To generate a DEM showing a particular area a minimum of two stereo satellite images is needed. In a first step, correlations and therefore parallaxes between the two stereo images have to be derived. Based on these parallaxes the height of every point in the satellite images can be calculated. In subsequent steps, city models, for example, can be derived from these digital elevation models using sophisticated object extraction algorithms.

The extensive experience of the institute in deriving high level digital elevation models began with the MOMS mission. Nowadays this expertise is used to construct operational processing chains for high and very high resolution satellite imagery like data from Ikonos or the Indian satellite system Cartosat.

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