The Indian earth observation satellite IRS-P3 (Indian Remote Sensing) was launched into low earth orbit in March 1996. Besides the WiFS (Wide Field Sensor) instrument it carried MOS (Modular Optoelectronic Scanner), an imaging spectrometer for the visible and near-infrared range developed and provided by DLR. It is being used to investigate and monitor the ocean-atmosphere system, particularly in coastal regions.

Tabelle: IRS-P3 Mission Parameters
Dimensions 1.18 m × 0.93 m
Total mass 920 kg
Payload 888 kg
Number of instruments 3 (2 for earth observation)
Launch March 21, 1996
End of mission March 2004

Tabelle: IRS-P3 Orbit Parameters
Semi-major axis 7195 km
Orbit altitude (mean) 817 km
Inclination angle 98.68°
Orbital period 101.3 min
Orbit polar, sun-synchronous
Overflight time 10:30 am
Orbits per day 14.2
Revisit 5 days

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