One of the next ESA Earth Explorer missions will be ADM-Aeolus, with a launch currently scheduled for 2013. The goal of this project is global determination of wind parameters, measured in each case during the night portion of the orbit. This will be accomplished by emitting UV laser pulses into the atmosphere and recording the backscattered signal. Vertical profiles of horizontal wind components can be derived from the Doppler shift of the pulses. Improved understanding of wind fields in the troposphere and lower stratosphere will aid weather prediction as well as atmosphere and climate research. ADM-Aeolus will lay the groundwork for similar applications for active optical sensors as a preparation for later routine lidar missions.


Table: ADM-Aeolus Mission Parameters
Dimensions 4.3 m × 1.9 m × 2 m
Total mass 1.2 t
Payload 470 kg
Number of instruments 1 (Aladin)
Launcher Vega
Launch (plannes) 2013
Operational life 3 years

Table: ADM-Aeolus Orbit Parameters
Semi-major axis 6773 km
Orbit altitude (mean) 408 km
Inclination angle 97°
Orbital period 92.5 min
Orbit polar, sun-synchronous
Overflight time 6 am
Orbits per day 15.6
Revisit 7 Tage
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