Evaluation of the Earth Observation Center

25. Oktober 2013

 EOC Evaluation
zum Bild EOC Evaluation

The reviewers, the DLR executive board member for space research and technology, and the IMF and DFD directors.

From left to right:
Prof. S. Dech (Director DFD),
Dr. F. Lethaus (for DLR-WTR),
Prof. H. Dittus (DLR executive board member for space research and technology),
Prof. M. Braun,
Prof. U. Sörgel,
Dr. M. Scharnberg,
Prof. M. Ehlers,
Prof. H. Grassl,
Prof. C. Schmullius,
Prof. V. Liebig,
MinDir. Dr. G. Thiel,
Prof. M. Schaepman,
A. Zevenbergen,
Prof. A. Moreira (for DLR-WTR),
Prof. R. Rummel,
Prof. R. Bamler (Director IMF)

The institutes of the Earth Observation Center were evaluated between October 22 and 24, 2013 by an external team of experts under the leadership of Professor Hartmut Graßl. Eleven renowned reviewers from the fields of science, industry, ESA and the public sector spent three days assessing the science and engineering achievements and the strategic focus of the two EOC institutes: the German Remote Sensing Data Center and the Remote Sensing Technology Institute. This was the second such evaluation since this institute cluster was established 2000.

On the first day the reviewers inspected the labs, facilities and technical infrastructure of both institutes and were informed about EOC activities by staff members at the various locations.

On the second day in the context of a public colloquium selected topics and the strategic focus for the current decade were elucidated in presentations by specialists.

In their vote the reviewers praised EOC’s successful course of development and the high scientific reputation it has gained, and stressed the outstanding role of EOC in the German and the European earth observation. EOC is predestined, they said, to play a leading role in realizing national earth observation missions and establishing a Copernicus "Collaborative Ground Segment" for the Sentinel missions.



 Spectroscopy lab
zum Bild Spectroscopy lab
 Announcing the vote
zum Bild Announcing the vote

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