Innovation Prize 2013 for the “Flying Wildlife Finder”

November 04, 2013

The Gesellschaft von Freunden des DLR (Association of Friends of the German Aerospace Center) has awarded its 2013 Innovation Prize to the EOC Team of Martin Israel team (IMF) for “outstanding scientific achievement in the Flying Wildlife Finder Project”.

This research on rescuing wildlife during the spring hay harvest demonstrates the successful transformation of an idea into an innovative product which is now being readied for the market together with an industrial partner.

The formal presentation took place during the association’s annual meeting on 22 October 2013.


 Innovation Prize 2013
zum Bild Innovation Prize 2013
The chairman of the executive board of the Vorstand der Gesellschaft von Freunden des DLR, H. Rauck (left), and the chairman of the DLR executive board, Prof. J.-D. Wörner (right), present the 2013 Innovation Prize to T. Schwarzmaier (IMF); T. Wimmer (IMF), M. Israel (IMF) and C. Pápa (DLR-Technology Marketing). The other prizewinners are Dr. P. Haschberger, A. Wenisch and J. Wörishofer (all IMF), Dr. V. Tank (formerly IMF) and S. Keim (DFD).

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