High-Performance Structures

adaptable - efficient - tolerant

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We are experts for the design and realization of innovative light weight systems.

Our research serves the improvement of:
  • weight efficiency
  • cost efficiency
  • functionality
  • comfort
  • environment protection
We bridge the gap between fundamental research and industrial application

The expertise of the Institute of Composite Structures and Adaptive Systems in

  • multifunctional materials
  • structural mechanics
  • composite design
  • composite technology
  • adaptronics
  • composite process technology
is orientated elong the entire process chain of making adaptable, tolerant, efficient manufactured, lightweight structures. This makes it the ideal partner for the industry, the DFG (German Research Foundation), research establishments, ministries and civil aviation authorities in all issues regarding development, design, computational prediction, manufacturing, experimental testing, and qualification of lightweight structures used in aerospace and further technologies.

The main objectives of the research and development work on material systems and lightweight structures are

  • increase of safety by improving stiffness, strength and durability of lightweight structures with new material systems and improved structural analysis tools.
  • increase of functionality of materials, structures and systems to improve their performance; the active structural shape control replaces elaborate and costly actuator systems
  • increase of comfort in aerospace and on-ground transportation systems by means of actively reducing noise and vibrations
  • reduction of the environmental impact (especially due to fuel consumption) and preservation of natural resources particularly due to reduced weight.
In order to deal with strength, stability and thermo-mechanical problems we operate unique experimental facilities like thermo- mechanical test facilities, buckling facilities with the special feature of dynamic loading, and a new microwave autoclave.

We transfer our scientific and technical expertise in the field of design and manufacture of lightweight composite structures and adaptronics as partners in an international network of research and industry.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Wiedemann
DLR German Aerospace Center

Institute of Composite Structures and Adaptive Systems

Tel: +49 531 295-2300

E-Mail: martin.wiedemann@dlr.de
Dr.-Ing. Peter Wierach
German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Institute of Composite Structures and Adaptive Systems
, Multifunctional Materials
Tel: +49 531 295-2313

Fax: +49 531 295-2838

E-Mail: Peter.Wierach@dlr.de
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