Adaptronics - Center of Excellence (2001-2006)

The European pioneers in smart-structures technology


Since 1989 the department of Adaptive Systems works as one of the first European research groups on solutions in the field of smart-structures technology.

Smart structures, leading to a new class of so-called “adaptive structural systems”, are considered to be an interdisciplinary key technology of the 21st century. Pre-condition is a system-optimal integration of sensors and actuators based on multi-functional materials such as piezo-ceramics, shape memory alloys or magne-tostrictive materials into the load-bearing structure. Combined with optimized control and power electronics we realise new solutions across all lines of business. These include active

  • reduction of vibration (e.g. for optical systems)
  • reduction of noise (e.g. for magnetic resonance tomography)
  • shape control (e.g. for airplane wings)

suitable for varying operational conditions.

With our long lasting experience we cover the whole process chain for developing smart structural systems. Therefore our motto is:

“From multifunctional materials up to adaptive structural systems”

Performance profile:

  • System analysis and identification
  • Modeling and simulation of complex adaptive sytems
  • Controller design
  • Sensor and actuator development
  • System integration, validation and demonstration

The Department of Adaptive Systems, which received the award „Center of Excellence“ in 2001 from the DLR board of directors, leads numerous national and international projects. A milestone for the smart structure's topic in Germany was the prestigious Leitprojekt ADAPTRONIK promoted by the BMBF. In addition, the department is responsible for the network of competence ADAPTRONIK.

Further information you can find in our publications

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Peter Monner
German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Institute of Composite Structures and Adaptive Systems
, Head of Department Adaptronics
Tel: +49 531 295-2314

Fax: +49 531 295-2876

E-Mail: Monner, Hans Peter
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