Composite Technology

Research, Development and Realisation of Materials, Design Concepts, and Manufacturing Processes for Fibre Reinforced Lightweight Structures


The R&D focus is on multifunctional structural components made of carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP). In order to use fibre composite technologies for marketable products, high-performance material systems have to be developed involving economical production strategies and their verification by prototype manufacture. Furthermore, research concentrates on developing new design concepts and new textile preform techniques as well as on automating production processes. Primarily, the target of new design concepts is to take advantage of the multi-functionality of fibre composite materials, e.g. by using elasto-mechanical coupling effects between stresses and strains etc. This also implies advanced tools for calculation and dimensioning.

With composite structures, the consistency of the developmental chain is indispensable for a successful transfer of research results to industrial applications, thus :

„Providing confidence in lightweight fibre composite structures“

Current projects are dealing with e.g. a CFRP wing of the Airbus A400M military transport aircraft, components of the Eurofighter (FFS master project) as well as a CFRP fuselage of future single aisle Airbus aircraft. The scope covers internally funded as well as third-party funded research and development. A network of strategic partners in research and industry helps carrying out complex project tasks.

The motto is: „From ideas to prototypes and beyond“

Three interdisciplinary teams with their core competences in :

Main activities are in:

  • Research of new materials, design concepts and manufacturing methods
  • Development of structural components made of fibre composite materials
  • Design and calculation of fibre composites
  • Development of economical procedures and production processes
  • Realisation of prototypes
  • Transfer of technology

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