Special Structures



Specal structures are mainly related to advanced military aircraft applications. The work is especially focussed on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), high-flying reconnaissance platforms and other special civil applications. The main objectives of this research field are to provide the technologies, methodologies and materials needed to develop composite structures under the premises of affordability and specialised functionalities. Major areas of interest are antennas integrated in the composite structure, stealth structures which minimize the reflection of radar waves, and the radome design for combat aircraft. The military background of customer requirements, regulations etc. was the main rationale to comprise these projects in a dedicated focus. Special Structures research field dedicates its resources into three areas: “Affordable Fibre Reinforced Plastics”, “Multifunctional Structures”, and “Structural Design and Simulation Processes”. The first area addresses the low cost production, manufacturing and maintenance of fibre reinforced UAV structures. The second area investigates fibre reinforced structures with special electromagnetic requirements e.g. electromagnetic transparency, -absorption or -emission. The third area is dedicated to the virtual development of primary UAV structures.

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