Datenerfassung und Prozessierung

The data acquisition system can store up to 130 different channels including analog data from the meteorological sensors and ARINC 429 data from the avionics. Additional user data can also be stored on this system. The standard data acquisition frequency is 10 Hz, data used for turbulence investigations are sampled with 100Hz.
The quicklook onboard offers graphic and alphanumeric displays which are configured according to the users specific needs.
Data processing can be done in the field, the final 1 second time series and quicklook plots of meteorological parameters are available 3-4 hours after landing.

Data Processing Software

RAMSES (Research Aircraft Meteorological Sensor data Evaluation Software) is a universal data processing software for the calculation and visualisation of meteorological aircraft data. The software was developed at DLR Flight Facility and is based on IDL (Research Systems Inc.), a platform independent interactive programming language.

Modular Structure

A basic principle of RAMSES is the modular design of the program minimizing the effort for

  • adaptation to new aircraft, measurement system or sensor
  • adaptation to different data file formats
  • implementation of new calculation schemes future developments

Quality Management

To assure a constant quality and reliability of the measured and calculated data, complex quality management modules are implemented in RAMSES. These modules comprise:

  • consistency checks
  • redundancy checks
  • correlation and cross correlation analysis
  • fourrier analysis and more

The error propagation of the instrumental errors can be calculated for all primary and secondary data in any specific time interval of a flight. Therefore a new error scheme was developed.

Powerfull Tools

The extensive analysis of data is greatly simplified by a continuously growing pool of powerful tools for e.g.:

  • data visualization
  • data exchange
  • statistical analysis
  • error analysis


DLR Flight Facility will deliver finally processed and quality checked data typically a few ours after the flight. Available products are:

  • a standard (or userdefined) set of ascii data either in NASA Ames or DLR data format
  • a standard (or userdefined) set of all kinds of plots (time series, height, map, 3-D, x-y, SkewT, etc.) in either jpeg or ps format

Find some example files for download here.

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