Meteorologische Sensoren und Datenerfassung

The DLR DO228 can be equipped with a sensor package for meteorological measurements. The sensors measure the basic units like temperature, pressure and humidity as well as wind speed and direction. Therefore a noseboom carrying a flow angle sensor will be mounted to the aircraft. The sensor system is capable of turbulence measurements.
As part of the sensor package a data acquisition system is installed capable of storing analog signals of the meteorological sensors as well as digital ARINC data from the aircraft avionics system. The system can be scaled according to the number of existing data channels and is able to store user provided analog data.
An onboard quicklook system allows scientific users to look at the meteorological and aircraft data in realtime during flight. This information can be used to adjust the flight parameters or flight pattern according to the present conditions.
‘PMS’ (Particle Measurement System) standard wiring into the wing stations for power and data transfer is available.

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