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Airbus Helicopter EC 135 ACT/FHS




The flying helicopter simulator is a unique testbed for the development of innovative airborne systems.The original mechanical control system of this EC 135 helicopter is replaced by a full authority fly-by-wire/fly-by-light control system.

Basic essentials of the technologies, integrated in the EC 135 FHS, are the fibre optic data links in the primary control system, smart actuators and sensors, a modular system architecture and latest avionics. As a flying simulator, the EC 135 FHS is able to change its flight characteristics. As a joint development by DLR, Eurocopter Germany (ECD) and Liebherr Aerospace Lindenberg (LLI) the range of application is:

  • Test bed for innovative control and guidance systems including in-flight simulation
  • Integration of active side arm controller
  • Test bed for pilot assistance systems
  • Integration und evaluation of modern sensors and vision systems
  • Evaluation of handling qualities
  • Training of test pilots and flight test engineers

System architecture: Fail-safe Core System and flexible Experimental System

  • Core system: Full authority digital fly-by-light primary control system
    - 4 Times redundant components
    - Smart actuators
    - Software level A
    - Immunity to electro-magnetic interference
    - High data rate due to fibre optics
    - Signal control and limiter functions


  • Experimental system: High flexibility to meet user needs
    - Powerful computer for simulation
    - Flexible standard interfaces
    - Extensive instrumentation, data recording and telemetry
    - Programmable multifunctional displays
    - Additional capability for individual user equipment


Basic Data EC-135T1 / FHS


Length 12,16 m
Max. Take-off mass 2835 kg
Rotor diameter 10,20 m
Engines (Turbomeca) 2 x 415 kW
Crew workstations 3
Cruise speed 220 km/h
Max. Speed 280 km/h


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