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Validation work at the 300°-Tower Simulator
Most processes in air transport are safety critical and need involvement of different groups of actors. It is imperative that a solid and proven validation is performed. Only this ensures that all tools, procedures and systems work seamlessly together in order to guarantee improvement, efficiency and safety.

The harmonization of the European Air Transport System is evolving and will see further stimulus due to the implemented European SESAR project. With regard to the corresponding validation needs this development is going to affect as well methodologies as the required infrastructure. It contains the need for a seamless ATM system and therefor provides new challenges for concept- and system validation beyond what is state-of-the art in Europe

The area possesses extensive knowledge and infrastructure to validate concepts, procedures, technology and tools for operational use. The area follows the European Operational Concept Validation Methodology (E-OVCM) approach, which is based on project work with participation of the Institute (e.g. BETA (Link), GATE TO GATE).

This area of expertise integrates expertise, methodologies and an overall validation environment. As such it covers:

  • Expertise, methodologies and facilities to verify and validate ATM/Airports concepts, procedures, technology, tools, organizational structures and human skills for operational use.
  • Capability to determinate the performance of air transport systems in terms of capacity, punctuality, process efficiency, flexibility, safety, human factors, environmental impact and costs.
  • Measurement techniques, methods and means for testing whether ATM systems will provide solutions to particular ATM-problems.
  • Full airport monitoring/measuring systems.

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