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Integrated Airport Processes

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Airports, complex systems with many stakeholders, are the bottleneck of air transport system already today. To increase the efficiency and predictability of the „system airports“, all airport processes have to be optimized and integrated seamlessly.

Therefore the stakeholders at the airport airside and landside will not only have to share information but also perform collaborative planning.

Despite of the necessity to develop new generations of assistant tools and to integrate them in a collaborative way, there is a lack of overall optimization of the system of systems. This area comprises all knowledge, process models, concepts, tools and procedures for a better understanding, evaluation and management of airport processes from a holistic viewpoint. The goal is to optimize airport efficiency and operations stability.

This envisaged approach is called a “Total Airport Management”. This concept has to be refined and validated. Therefore further knowledge has to be gained through the:

  • Development of an Airport System Theory
  • Development of the Total Airport Management (TAM) Concept
  • Development of Tools for Total Airport Management and the Operations Control Center

The Development of an Airport System Theory is the foundation of the work in this area. It comprises an understanding of today’s airport operations and processes from enroute-to-enroute, including turn-around-processes. Of special importance are the dependencies between processes, methods to assess the current status of processes and algorithms to predict progress of these processes. Further the knowledge of the ability to control these processes has to be developed.

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