Air Transportation

Research conducted in the department Air Transportation mainly focuses on model- and data-based performance assessments, performance-based airport management and advanced air traffic management concepts. Besides scientific research, methodical development and implementation of operational concepts as well as applied validations, the department also pursues ways to improve system modelling, analysis and assessment.


In the department Air Transportation, scientists and application developers work on key current scientific topics, while taking into account operational, technical and legal requirements. Yet the focus is also on the future ecological, economic and social challenges facing air transport.

Given its position between academic research and implementation in operations, the department Air Transportation acts as a fundamental bridge. Graduates of universities and universities of applied sciences are given a favourable environment to conduct their own research, actively pursue projects and present the results in (inter-)national forums. As an active partner in the Air Traffic Validation Center, the department Air Transportation is a major contributor to the success of this ambitious, interdisciplinary project by delivering methodical input (such as concept/scenario development, evaluation metrics and sensitivity analyses) and its comprehensive scientific and applied expertise.

The department Air Transportation is a key driver of applied research and ensures that the results of the research are transferred. A large number of application-oriented solutions have already been developed and implemented thanks to the successful cooperation with scientific research facilities and business enterprises.

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