Controller Assistance

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Focus of the Contoller Assistance department is the development and testing of contoller support systems. For heavily used airports and their vicinity methods and techniques are developed to support the contoller in monitoring, planning and managing the incoming and departing air traffic as well as the aircrafts on the ground.


4 Dimensional Cooperative
Arrival Manager (4D-CARMA)

Hub airports are a special concern. The construction of new runways is often not an option. The situation is aggravated by environment related restrictions (noise, CO2) and cost factors (fuel). An alternative solution are therefore support systems that assist controllers in guiding the air traffic on the time.

The key questions are:

  • How do you support the controllers in detecting abnormal situations, without depriving them of the decision-making responsibility?
  • How to achieve improvements in capacity, punctuality, delays, pollution and safety?

The support of the current and future air traffic management through modular systems, that are usable in various applications, is the strategic goal.


Departure Manager CADEO

The creation of prototype systems, the verification of the systems in fast-time simulation and the validation in fast-time or real-time simulations shall prove the viability of new concepts.

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