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DO 228

Dornier DO228 is DLRs multi role test aircraft. The turboprop twin engine aircraft is used to test new sensors, equipment or procedures in flight to help the validation of innovative Air Traffic Management systems.

Performance Data:

  • Max. cruising speed:  160 kt
  • Max. speed:  200 kt depending on equipment
  • MTOW:  5980 kg
  • Max. altitude:  25000 ft
  • Endurance:  approximately 9 hours
  • Max. range:   1320 nautical miles (2445 km; 1519 miles)

Basic equipment:

  • Inertial Navigation System LTN 90
  • VOR and ILS receivers
  • Personal Computers for data logging or data display
  • Omnistar system with Novatel GPS receiver as reference for positioning. Decimetre accuracy will be achieved.
  • Antennas can be mounted in two positions (aft of cockpit and rear) on the upper side and in the back on aircraft underside.
  • Versatile Racks for test systems are provided which can contain equipment of up to 200 kg.
  • Various hardpoints and hatches for cameras and sensors are also available.

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