ATTAS – VFW 614 - Advanced Technology and Testing Aircraft System

Flugversuchsträger des DLR : VFW 614 (ATTAS)

The ATTAS is a VFW 614 twinjet aircraft built by VFW Fokker. The cabin could accommo-date up to 44 passengers. The aircraft has been modified to a test aircraft by DLR in coop-eration with LAT and MBB. The main modification was the installation of a duplex Fly by Wire (FbW) system. The software of this experimental FbW system can be modified for various experiments. The safety concept of this aircraft allows FbW operation in the whole flight envelope up to FbW landing. The measurement system of the ATTAS provides the FbW system with all data needed. The experimental FbW system is quite similar to systems used in commercial state of the art aircraft. For flight tests in the field of ATM the FbW system can be also controlled by an experimental 4D-FMS, developed by the DLR Institute of Flight Guidance.

In order to cover the full range of ATM research the ATTAS is equipped with various datalink systems. This enables experiments like cooperative taxi, free flight and control via datalink with ECOCK from ground.

Two flat panel displays including MMI in the cockpit are driven by graphic computers and are available not only for own DLR developments but also for displays not developed by our partners and customers. Versatile Racks for test systems are provided as well. The FbW system, FMS, datalink, displays and MMI put the evaluation pilot in a future ATM working environment.

Performance Data:
Max. speed (indicated): 288 KIAS / M 0.63
MTOW:   46,000 lbs
Max. altitude:  25000 ft
Endurance:  2.5 hours (2 pilots and 7 operators / observers, typical payload)
Max. range:   1000 NM



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