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RAiCe - Remote Airport Traffic Control Center

The montage shows one possible scenario of the controll center. The RTO workplace (left) is integrated into the tower of a bigger airport and allows the surveillance of another remote airport.

For future operation of smaller airports remote control of two or more airports from one center seems to be one possibility to assure economical but safe operation.

Without expensive electronical sensoric (e.g. ground radar) should be enabled to controll smaller airports. The necessary Information are gained through high resolution video images and additional information from image processing that are augmented onto the video images.

The DLR-project RAiCe aims at extending the Remote Tower Operation (RTO) system, build up in the project RapTOr, into an experimental Remote Tower Center (RTC). Main research aims are

  • investigating the technological and organizational problems of remote surveillance of several small airports,
  • verifying its basic specifications and functions and
  • validating the performance by shadow mode testing

The project RAiCe follows the concept study "ViTo - Virtual Tower" (2002-2004) and the DLR-project "RapTOr- Remote Airport Tower Operation Research" (2005-2007).

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