Airspace and En-route Traffic Management

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With the anticipated growth of air traffic new solutions for the management of airspace have to be developed and implemented. One of the major challenges in the next decades is handling of the growing air traffic. In large parts of Europe and other parts of the world, it will be impossible to accommodate this traffic in the sectors as they are defined today.

New types of aircraft like unmanned aerial vehicles and very light jets will also complicate matters in crowded airspace. This area consists of conceptual and operational know-how about the Air Traffic System (ATS) from a holistic point of view. Included is the overall flow management (CFMU) as well as the en-route traffic management.

The area focuses on the triangle of traffic demand, airspace and route availability, and ATC capacity. The balancing of demand and capacity is important to avoid on the one hand the overload of sectors or controller’s workload, but on the other hand to also not waste any available capacity by underutilization.

New Airspace and En-route Traffic Management concepts will be necessary to accommodate the anticipated traffic growth. The area distinguishes into operational knowledge of airports, airspace, use of aircraft, and the use of systems, as well as techniques to develop and apply new concepts and techniques.

A good airspace management is characterized by a flexible use of airspace and the functional blocks of airspace and avoids a permanent segregation of the airspace. To make optimal use of the available airspace, air traffic services as provided by ATC, is focused on collision avoidance, collision resolution, and enhanced planning features.

Knowledge of current and future operations will be necessary. Under the assumption that the growth will be realized by relatively small modifications to the current handling, knowledge concerning the following areas will be developed:

  • Collaborative Flight Planning
  • Flight separation management
  • Flexible use of airspace within the Single European Sky (SES)concept
  • Air traffic management concept for adverse weather conditions
  • Air traffic flow management

Apart from developments within the current ATC system, fundamentally new concepts for air traffic management will need to be developed to enable new methods of using the available air space. Knowledge concerning the following areas will be developed:

  • Increased automation of ATM
  • Operations with Uninhabited Areal Vehicles (UAVs) within the civil airspace

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