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Our goal is to enhance and improve safety and efficiency of airports by applying a holistic approach with comprehensive operations control systems.

A-SMGCS for airport movement management and CDM-applications for optimising the coordination of airport services are among our areas of expertise.

We create system-of-systems analyses, design innovative concepts, develop these into prototypes and integrate and demonstrate them at  airports.

We develop analysis tools in order to measure the efficiency enhancement  by the application of new systems and operational procedures in an objective way .

Fields of research and products:

  1. Airport analyses
    • Flow Monitor for approach control
    • Traffic Monitor for capacity and traffic flows
    • TAM - Total Airport Management
    • TOP - Total Operations Planner
  2. Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System - A-SMGCS 
    • A-SMGCS analyses
    • A-SMGCS experimental system in Braunschweig
    • A-SMGCS validation in Hamburg, Prague, Milano, Toulouse, Zurich
    • CWP - Integrated Controlleer Working Position
    • SDF - Sensor Data Fusion
    • Topographie of airports :  Hamburg, Prague, Milano, Toulouse, Zurich
    • TSD - Traffic Situation Display


Michael Röder
Institute of Flight Guidance
, Controller Assistance
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E-Mail: michael.roeder@dlr.de
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