Cameras observing the driver

The ViewCar is a research vehicle dedicated to the analysis of cognition and performance processes while driving in real traffic. It is equipped with sensors to gather data about traffic analysis, state of driver, and vehicle guidance. The ViewCar enables research by understanding and modelling the drivers behaviour.


By the mean of extensive sensor systems, the basic data for driver modelling, human machine interface, cognitive driving behaviour, and vehicle guidance, are established. In order to get accurate data analyses, all data are stored time synchronously. The ViewCar sensor systems provide:

  • eye tracking system
  • physiological measurement system (e.g. pulse, ECG, skin conductance)
  • storage of vehicle dynamics
  • high resolution steering angle sensor
  • camera system for traffic scenario analysis
  • object detection in the front area of the vehicle via laser scanner and radar
  • lane departure detection
  • high precision positioning


Supported by the ViewCar, the Institute of Transportation Systems develops a cognitive model of the driving behaviour. The sensors deliver data about the behaviour of different drivers in defined scenarios.

The need of assistant for various types of driver in specific situation are analysed. New concepts ofassistance systems and the corresponding effects to the driver will checked.

The integration of prototypes of information systems like night vision or extended navigation systems enables the evaluation of those systems.

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