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History – Road Map of Events: 1969-1974

1969-1974 Development and drop testing of a three-canopy personnel parachute system (3K-System) for low altitudes.

Flight demonstration of a 3K-Parachute system
1972-1973 Design and flight demonstration of an electrically operated Direct Lift Control (DLC) flap system on the HFB 320 (cooperation with MBB).

HFB 320 Direct Lift Control flight test aircraft
1972-1974 Development and full scale model flight testing of a rocket motor recovery system.

Black Brant rocket motor recovery system test
1973 First noise abatement flight test program with HFB 320 test aircraft accomplished. The potential and the decisive effect of precise direct lift control along with automatic throttle control on accurate steep and segmented flight path control was demonstrated.

1973-1976 Dynamic wind tunnel simulation of a highly augmented flexible model aircraft with canard control surfaces. The test rig and model aircraft demonstrated open- and closed-loop control laws for variable stability functions, rigid body gust alleviation, and elastic mode suppression systems (Project BASE).

Demonstration of a gust alleviation system for flexible aircraft (Project BASE)
1973-1978 Model and full-scale testing of an innovative rescue system for combat helicopter crews. The rescue and recovery process included a "clean" rotor blade severance system (no pyrotechnic cutting debris) and a rocket-assisted crew extraction device.

Ground testing of a helicopter crew rescue system
1974 Cooperative Agreement entitled Wehrtechnische Flugerprobung signed with the German Forces Flight Test Center BWB/WTD 61. Various collaborative aircraft flying qualities flight test evaluation and parameter estimation programs were initiated since then encompassing the MRCA/ Tornado, Alpha Jet Direct Side Force Control (DSFC) and Transonischer Tragflügel (transonic wing, TST) test aircraft, C-160 Transall, and the EF 2000 Eurofighter. Of national importance was also the formulation of the Flying Qualities Specification Documents for the multinational EF 2000 and the NATO Helicopter NH90 programs. In 1995 the BWB/DLR Cooperation Agreement was revisited and updated.

Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet DFSC and TST demonstrator aircraft
German MRCA/Tornado prototype aircraft
1974-1976 Design of a first model rotor test rig for large wind tunnels (ROTEST). First test run accomplished in Volkswagen wind tunnel. It was successively used in the Daimler-Benz and DNW wind tunnels (cooperation with MBB, VFW, and Dornier).

Model rotor test rig ROTEST in Volkswagen wind tunnel (1976)

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