Inclusion of Air Transport in CO2 Emission Trading

21 September 2009

International air transport plays an essential role for economic growth and the prosperity in our globalised and work-sharing world. However, air transport like other means of transportation causes gaseous emissions with local and global effects as well as noise emissions. The globally effective emissions of international air transport are most probably contributing to the anthropogenic change of climate.

CO2, NOX, water vapor, sulfur- and soot-particles are identified as climate-affecting emissions of air transport. In particular the chemical processes, which are triggered by the four last mentioned substances in the atmosphere, are very complex. The emission of these substances changes the methane and ozone level in the atmosphere and increasingly contrails and cirrus clouds are generated. %. According to current IPC estimates (2007) the contribution of international air transport to the global anthropogenic green house effect amounts to approx. 3% now.

Inclusion of Air Transport in CO2 Emission Trading (Download PDF)

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