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Traffic Oriented Microscopic Simulator

14 September 2009

TOMICS is a simulation software for modelling individual passenger movements in the traffic space. Emphasis is put on modelling a preferably wide spectrum of all traffic processes in the terminal area.

Models are generated by means of an elementary structure of the basic components in the traffic system theory. All movements are simulated by a permanent time-step related calculation of direction and speed as well as the assessment of likely conflicts in a defined space.

By means of a dynamic source-target-matrix the current traffic flow can be manipulated at any time. Extensive interaction options during the simulation run and the overall data base support (all model data are stored in an SQL-compatible data base) guarantee a convenient way of linking further simulation programmes/traffic control modules, for instance connection to a macroscopic passenger-flow model as well as a car simulation on the terminal apron.

Traffic Oriented Microscopic Simulator (Download PDF [german])

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