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Tutorial courses will be held on Monday, May 15, 2006 at the conference site in rooms Conference 1, Conference 2 and Conference 3. They include principles and basic theory, overview of applications and of sensor systems. The tutorials are addressed to all EUSAR participants who are interested in these topics, with minor and advanced technical knowledge on the particular field.

EUSAR 2006 offers three full-day tutorial courses held in parallel sessions:

  1. SAR Interferometry
  2. SAR Polarimetry and Polarimetric SAR Interferometry and
  3. Bistatic SAR and Moving Target Indication (MTI).

For all topics a comprehensive introduction, advanced concepts and application examples are given. The speakers are world-renowned experts in the addressed fields.

Tutorial Program

To download the detailed Tutorial Program, please click here:
Tutorial-Program.pdf (Last update 2006/03/06)

Registration Conditions and Tutorial Registration

A separate registration for these tutorials is necessary. Please have a look at Conference Registration.

More Information

For more detailed inquiries concerning the tutorials, please contact: Dr. Irena Hajnsek (DLR)

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