Munich City Centre with River Isar, Germany

Instrument: E-SAR (L-Band)

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Munich City Centre with River Isar, Germany
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City centre of Munich – the Capital of Bavaria, Germany. The river Isar and streets can well be recognized. Edges of buildings parallel to the flight direction appear with strong gloss effects in VV and HH polarization - therefore in light blue colour.

Location: Munich, Germany
Time: 13 Oktober 2005, 13:08-13:10 (UTC)
Instrument: E-SAR
Platform: Aircraft (Dornier Do228-212)
Wavelength: 23cm (L-Band)
Polarisation: HV-VV-HH (red-green-blue)
Image Content: Radar reflectivity in three polarisations
Image Geometry: Slant range projected to ground (ground range)
Image Size: 3928 x 2216 (cutout from original image)
Pixel Size: 0.90m x 1.49m (flight direction x slant range)
Resolution: 3.00m x 2.20m, looks: 8 x 1
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