Svartisen Glacier, Norway

Instrument: E-SAR (X-Band)

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Svartisen Glacier, Norway
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The Svartisen (Black-Ice) with an area of 370 km² is Norway’s second large glacier. It is situated north west to the city of Mo i Rana from where a 30 km long road leads up to the glacier. Engabreen – the glacier tongue of Svartisen in the west reaches down to 10 m above the Holandsfjord. Engabreen is herewith the lowest situated glacier tongue on the European mainland. In the middle of the image one can see snowmobile traces caused while putting up the two corner reflectors (white spots) on the glacier high plateau. The corner reflector positions, obtained with GPS equipment, were used for calibrating the acquired digital elevation model (DEM) with DLR’s E-SAR system. In the right image half one can see the Engabreen leading down to approximately sea level.

Location: Mo i Rana, Norway
Time: 1 Juni 2003, 16:26-16:29 (UTC)
Instrument: E-SAR
Platform: Aircraft (Dornier Do228-212)
Wavelength: 3cm (X-Band)
Polarisation: VV
Image Content: Radar reflectivity
Image Geometry: Slant range projected to ground (ground range)
Image Size: 3668 x 1928 (cutout from original image)
Pixel Size: 1.47m x 2.49m (flight direction x slant range)
Resolution: 5.00m x 4.40m, looks: 16 x 1
(c) Northern Research Institute (NORUT-Tromsø, Norway), DLR-HR
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