Agriculture and Wind Power Generators at Görmin, Germany

Instrument: E-SAR (C-Band)

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Agriculture and Wind Power Generators at Görmin, Germany
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Agriculture and wind power generators (in the middle) at Görmin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany. The rotor blades appear unfocused or even invisible due to their rotation. The image is a RGB composite from two passes. The first two images obtained in pass 2 provide polarisations HH (red) and HV (green). Fast moving cars on the motorway A20 hence appear in yellow (red+green) – aside the motorway and defocused. Another polarisation (VV) joins the image in the blue channel. Fast moving cars from pass 1 hence appear in blue – again defocused and aside the motorway. Employing a dedicated technique, it is even possible to focus moving cars in SAR images and to re-place them to their original position in the image.

Location: Görmin, Northern Germany
Time: 24 Mai 2006, VV/VH: 8:23-8:25 and HH/HV: 8:45-8:47 (UTC)
Instrument: E-SAR
Platform: Aircraft (Dornier Do228-212)
Wavelength: 5.6cm (C-Band)
Polarisation: HH-HV-VV (red-green-blue) in two passes: VV/VH, HH/HV
Image Content: Radar reflectivity in three polarisations
Image Geometry: Slant range projected to ground (ground range)
Image Size: 5688 x 2248 (cutout from original image)
Pixel Size: 1.44m x 1.49m (flight direction x slant range)
Resolution: 4.00m x 2.20m, looks: 8 x 1
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