Forest at Remningstorp, Schweden

Instrument: E-SAR (P-Band)

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Forest at Remningstorp, Schweden
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The forest named after nearby small town Remningstorp encompasses an area of 1200 hectare and is situated approximately 25 km south east of the city of Lidköping, South Sweden. The forest stand is mixed, mostly coniferous forest with some birches and oaks. It serves intensive studies in forestry.

Location: Remningstorp, Sweden
Time: 2 Mai 2007, 12:28-1230 (UTC)
Instrument: E-SAR
Platform: Aircraft (Dornier Do228-212)
Wavelength: 85cm (P-Band)
Polarisation: HH-HV-VV (red-green-blue)
Image Content: Radar reflectivity in three polarisations
Image Geometry: Slant range projected to ground (ground range)
Image Size: 4104 x 2232 (cutout from original image)
Pixel Size: 1.56m x 1.49m (flight direction x slant range)
Resolution: 4.00m x 2.20m, looks: 4 x 1
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