Farms and Grassland near Kaufbeuren, Germany

Instrument: F-SAR (C-Band)

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Farms and Grassland near Kaufbeuren, Germany
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Farms and grassland in the south of E-SAR/F-SAR calibration site at the airfield Kaufbeuren, Germany. C-band is, after X-band and S-band, the third fully polarimetric sub-system of F-SAR and this image is the historically first full polarimetric C-band image ever of F-SAR.

Location: Kaufbeuren, Germany
Time: 2. April 2009, 14:10-14:12 (UTC)
Instrument: F-SAR
Platform: Aircraft (Dornier Do228-212)
Wavelength: 5.65 cm (C-Band)
Polarisation: HH-HV-VV (red-green-blue)
Image Content: Radar reflectivity in three polarisations
Image Geometry: Slant range
Image Size: 2442 x 1872 (cutout from original image)
Pixel Size: 30cm x 30cm (flight direction x slant range)
Resolution: 0.60m x 0.60m, looks: 2 x 1
(c) DLR-HR
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