Microwaves and Radar Institute


Portal of the Institute

With its know-how and expertise in passive and active microwave remote sensing, the Microwaves and Radar Institute contributes to the development and advancement of ground-based, airborne and spaceborne sensors.

The focus of its research work is on the conception and development of new synthetic aperture radar (SAR) techniques and systems, as well as sensor-specific applications. The Institute‘s strength is the execution of long-term research programs with applications in remote sensing, aeronautics and traffic monitoring, as well as reconnais- sance and security. In line with the German space program, the Institute works in close collaboration with other DLR institutes, the German Space Administration, the European Space Agency, German industry and responsible ministries. The education of young scientists in the form of hosting and supervising internships, as well as diploma and doctoral theses is also an important part of the Institute’s mission.


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